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Tyler Smith
Simply put, Tyler has a way with words. He's the writer of the group and he believes that words, when selected carefully, have the power to evoke emotions, capture attention, and move consumers to buy. And helping our clients do just that is what gets Tyler really fired up.

In the off-hours, you'll probably find Tyler exploring Seattle's food scene, traveling somewhere new, or just relaxing at home with his wife, Emily.



Buddy Waddington
Buddy is a marketing guy by trade, but a numbers guy at heart. He believes that the whiteboard and the spreadsheet can be a company's most powerful tools and his detailed approach to research and marketing brings a lot of strength to our clients' marketing strategies.

When outside the office, Buddy enjoys baseball, running, the ukulele, and a dark coffee or dark beer, depending on the time of day.



Kurtis Dane
Kurtis is a marketing major and self-taught graphic design enthusiast. He has an eye for design and an ear for clients' needs. Throughout our process he works quickly and tirelessly to ensure that clients come away with something they are proud to share and call their own.

Aside from loving startups and clean design, Kurtis loves tennis, swimming, cycling, running, music, photography, and Chicken Penne Alfredo.



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