The heart of a startup


BECU is not a startup, but don't tell them that. They approached the development of their college outreach strategy with the energy and freshness that is commonplace in the startup scene and all too rare in large corporations. SUM worked with BECU to develop a new college outreach strategy and created the materials to launch the campaign.


Building a Strategy

SUM worked with BECU to create a college outreach strategy that would give them more campus exposure and increase new student memberships.

Executing the Strategy

SUM helped launch the campaign with new marketing materials and several on-campus and off-campus events. These outreach events helped BECU gain access to new areas within the community and share their idea of what banking should look like.

New Market
College Strategy
College Strategy

"SUM co-developed the college outreach strategy that helped BECU reach a brand new group of members in a strategic and engaging way."

-Cisco Malpartida Smith, Market Development Manager


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