A Budding Success


Initially, SUM was hired by Finsphere to create and manage their social media campaign. But we went on to support their sales and business development efforts, in addition to being their exclusive, in-house marketing department.

Growth Stages
Social Sites Revamped


We began by refining Finsphere's branding, then developing and executing a detailed social media plan.


We then took on a more integrated role within the company that involved business operations support and customer care, as well as continuing to serve as the marketing department.

With Finsphere


Over the course of 2 years, SUM became an extension of Finsphere and a fully integrated sales operations and marketing team that handled everything from social media to financial modeling.

Finsphere Impact

"You know those days when you have 100 things to do, and you can only get to 1? SUM takes care of the other 99. The impact SUM has made on our company over the past 2 years has been tremendous and they have contributed to successful product launches and multi-million dollar investments and partnerships."

-Robert Boxberger, President


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