we have been lucky enough to work with the following companies


SUM has acted as Finsphere's marketing department since May of 2010. So far, we have helped create and manage their social media campaigns, launch a commercial product, and develop the business strategies and due diligence package that led to a multi-million dollar investment.

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Dashwire was making huge strides in its business and technology and needed a brand identity that would reflect its new vision of success. SUM was brought on to help develop a new brand identity, apply the new brand elements to Dashwire's sales decks, and design a new website.

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Boeing Employees Credit Union

Even though BECU has been around since 1935, their college strategy that began in 2009 was a completely new undertaking. Acting as a startup within a much larger organization, SUM created an outreach strategy and applied BECU's branding in a way that resonated with campus life.

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Visible Technologies

Visibile Technologies was looking for a social media overhaul to go along with their rebranding and product relaunch. SUM aligned all of their social media platforms with their new look and helped them create a video for their homepage. This helped contribute to a successful relaunch.

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Mustache Dache

The Mustache Dache was Seattle's first mustached-themed 5k fun run. Such a fun and irreverent event deserved an equally fun group of marketers. SUM ran the Dache's social media campaign, helped gather press coverage, and carried out a guerrilla marketing campaign on the streets of Seattle.

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PinPoint is the consumer-facing arm of Finsphere's operations. SUM developed the brand identity, designed the website, wrote the copy, and created/managed the social media surrounding the launch of PinPoint. There were more than 10,000 users signed up within the first few months.

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Erado wanted to put their best foot forward at a few upcoming trade shows. SUM created marketing materials to be passed out and displayed at these events to help sell their products and services. These materials reinforce their current branding, but also incorporate a new twist to ensure they stand out from the crowd.


After hearing JABstone's story, we knew we wanted to help. We developed a brand identity and graphic elements for their speech communication app that helps non-verbal children communicate. Since launching their application, they have made it possible for over 30,000 families to communicate easier. And we think that's pretty neat.


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