A Race against the clock


Visible's product launch was quickly approaching and they needed a crack marketing team to polish their look and get them ready to rock 'n' roll.

Social Sites Revamped

Social Revamp

SUM gave Visible's social media pages a complete makeover to match their branding and gave them the tools to maintain a polished online presence, post-launch.

Visible FedEx Video

Product Videos

We brainstormed video messages and content and then hooked them up with our partners over at Cinesaurus, who delivered an Oscar-worthy homepage video.

Quick Drafts

Quick Drafts

We were flexible, encouraging, and we accomplished all of these tasks within Visible's required timeframe.

Since Then
Visible Info

"We love all the work you've done on our social sites!!! [They] really look great."

-Jennifer Rodriguez, Director, Community Outreach


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